Looking to Spice Up an Office Party? Go to a Bowling Alley!

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Are your office parties something that employees and their families look forward to, or are these events something they dread? Unfortunately, many companies fail to put together engaging office parties. As a result, many employees view them as an inconvenience, yet they may also feel obligated to participate. If you’re looking for a fantastic and engaging small party venue, you should consider something exciting like a bowling alley.

Bowling Alleys Encourage Engagement

People like to be engaged. Go sit in a cafĂ©, and you might notice a lot of people surfing on their phones, tablets, or computers. Often, it’s because something on that screen is engaging them. They might be playing a game or watching a movie, but whatever the specifics, they’re engaged.

Of course, you don’t want people lost on their phones while at your office party. The best way to prevent that is to provide an engaging activity out here in the real world. This makes an activity like bowling a perfect choice. Your employees will be focused on bowling, which will also encourage them to interact with other bowlers. This makes a bowling alley the perfect small party venue.

Bowling Encourages Physical Activity

The fact is, a lot of people aren’t spending as much time engaged in physical activity as they should. Bowling gets people on their feet and moving around, which in turn will get the heart beating. According to The Cold Wire, your average game of bowling will take anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours to play. During this time, people will be moving around.

At the same time, bowling isn’t particularly strenuous, and most people will be able to participate. If a bowling ball is too heavy, players can select a lighter option. Thus, bowling encourages physical activity but also won’t wear most people out.

Bowling Alleys Get People Out of the Office

People will associate your office as a place of work. This can make it difficult to unwind and relax, even if you’re trying to host a relaxing party. It’s smart to get away from the office for a day or afternoon because it’ll make it easier for people to relax and have fun.

If you’re looking for a small party venue in Lodi, CA, a bowling alley is a great choice. Feel free to get in touch and we can further explain our offerings. One thing’s for sure: if you host your next office party at a bowling alley, people are likely going to have a lot of fun.