4 Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Bowl


Bowling is truly a game for all ages. The game is an American icon and has been a pastime for U.S. families for decades and decades. You can teach your kids how to bowl from an early age, and this article provides four tips that will guide you in the process.

1. Take It One Step at a Time

For little bodies that are still growing and learning how to function, the bowling motion has a lot of moving parts! A key to teaching kids is to not have them try to do everything at once. A way to approach this is to have them walk up to the lane line and stop. Then, practice with them by helping them move their arm backward and then forward before letting go of the ball. Isolate the rolling part of the motion. Have them do this many times until they feel comfortable. They don’t even need to add in the fluid walking part of the motion the first several times they go.

2. Use the Available Tools

Many bowling alleys have interventions for beginning bowlers, such as ramps to drop the ball down and bumpers on the lane to help the bowler avoid gutter balls. Depending on the level of the young bowler, these might come in handy. The key is to make it a positive experience.

3. Set Small Goals

According to How Stuff Works, the goal of the game of bowling is to knock down all 10 pins in each frame. However, if a strike is the standard for kid bowlers, they are likely to become frustrated with the game quickly. When you teach your children, focus on slight improvement and small goals. Play team games and use alternative scoring. Don’t make it feel like all or nothing.

4. Focus on Fun

As parents, we’ve all been there, trying to stay patient while your kid repeatedly makes the same mistake over and over. It can be hard, and improvement can seem so simple. However, patience is key. It’s important for your kids to associate activities with fun and happiness before focusing on mastery. Take a deep breath, celebrate the little victories, and stay positive. Give them a reason to keep coming back, and the improvement will come little by little.

Now you’re ready to take your kid to the local bowling alley. Keep simplicity and fun in mind as they hit the lanes. They will figure it out right before your eyes! If you’d like to go bowling with your family, then don’t wait to visit our lanes! We look forward to hearing from you.