6 Reasons to Take Your Family to the Best Bowling Alley


Have you and your kids visited the best bowling alley in your town yet? This activity can provide hours of fun for your family and many other cool benefits. Here are six to consider!

1. A Great Way to Meet People

Did you know that, according to How Stuff Works, over 67 million people in the U.S. bowl for fun every year? Of course, you’re not going to run into all of them while at the alley. However, you could meet some new friends and families while you hit the lanes.

2. Surprisingly Affordable Fun

Yes, it might seem costly to bowl at first for some families until you break down how long you’ll be at the alley. Two or three games can last hours or more, which is a great value for the money. Plus, you can enjoy dinner while you’re there!

3. Many Inclusive Activities

The modern, best bowling alley is more than just a few lanes where you chuck balls; they’ve expanded in recent years. You can expect things like billiards and arcades at most alleys to have a lot of cool fun. Plus, the food options are tasty!

4. Perfect for Any Weather

When it’s snowing or raining, it’s hard to find something to do that everybody in the family will enjoy. Thankfully, bowling is entirely indoors! As a result, you can warm up and relax while chucking the ball and enjoy some hearty food at the same time!

5. Easy Physical Activity

Are your kids staring at those huge bowling balls with fear in their eyes? Kid-friendly options are available: they’re much lighter. As a result, bowling is a great physical activity for all ages. Even grandparents can find lighter balls and have fun.

6. Difficulty Is Adaptable

Becoming an expert bowler is a definite challenge, but nobody’s asking you to do that! Instead, you and your kids can just go and have fun, regardless of your skill. Alleys even have lane bumpers (preventing gutterballs), so everyone can enjoy bowling.

These benefits make visiting the best bowling alley well worth it. After all, where else can you play video games, bowl, and eat yummy pizza? Call us if you’re interested in setting up a bowling adventure at Lodi Bowling today!