5 Questions to Ask a Local Bowling Alley Before Visiting With Your Family

Planning a family bowling outing? That sounds like fun! Before you head to the local bowling alley, you’ll want to call ahead and ask some key questions. This will help ensure it’s a great experience for the whole family. Here are five questions to ask any top bowling alley before visiting with your family.

1. What Are Your Hours?

First things first – find out the bowling alley’s hours! You’ll want to know when they open and close, so you can plan your visit during their business hours. Ask if they have certain times that are more family-friendly. This will allow you and your family to have the best experience.

2. Do You Have Party Packages?

Next, inquire about party packages or deals for families. Many local bowling alleys offer discounted rates for groups and multi-game packages. See if they have package deals that include bowling, shoe rentals, food, and drinks. According to ZipDo, $4.79 is the average price for rental bowling shoes at U.S. bowling alleys. That way, you can enjoy the full bowling alley experience without breaking the bank.

3. When Should I Reserve Lanes?

You’ll also want to ask about reserving lanes. Weekend evenings can get busy at top bowling alleys, so call ahead to reserve lanes for your family. Ask how far in advance you need to book and if there’s a deposit. Reserving lanes guarantees you’ll have a place to bowl when you arrive.

4. What Kid-Friendly Options Are Available?

Of course, you’ll want to ensure the bowling alley has plenty of kid-friendly features. Ask if they have bumpers in the gutters so gutter balls aren’t as frustrating for little ones. See if they offer lighter kid-sized bowling balls, so they can actually lift and roll the ball. Finding out about their arcade games and prizes can help get the kids excited, too.

5. What Food and Amenities Do You Have?

Be sure to ask about food and amenities as well. Many top bowling alleys have full-service restaurants, concession stands, or cafes. Check on their menu options for the kids. You’ll also want to know about the restrooms, seating areas, and any other amenities that will enhance your family’s visit.

Asking key questions upfront makes all the difference when you’re planning a family bowling outing. Doing a little research helps you pick the top bowling alley that offers a fun experience for all ages. Now lace up those bowling shoes and get ready for some family fun at our local bowling alley.